Tribute to "Peggy Palmer"

Commissioner Myers recognized Commissioner Palmer for her years of hard work and dedication to Butler County. The following is his tribute to Peggy Palmer.

"Tribute to Peggy Palmer

I would like to offer a few words of recognition and tribute to Commissioner Peggy Palmer. As we know, Peggy will shortly be retiring from the Butler County Commission after a six-year tenure, including serving as our vice chair for 2016.


First I note that Peggy's career of public service pre-dates her membership on this board, as she for several years served ably both in the Kansas State House of Representatives and the Kansas State Senate. Indeed, it was due in part to her influence and accomplishments at the State level that Peggy received a 2016 "Champion of Agriculture" award from the Kansas Farm Bureau.  And Peggy has brought that same orientation to our Commission, with her consistent stand for agricultural property rights and private property rights generally.

A second thing I appreciate about Peggy is that she is consistently clear about her positions on most every issue. In the world of politics, this is a welcome and refreshing change. No closely parsed phraseology or weasel words from Peggy! Frankness and directness are her hallmarks, even though her remarks may strike painfully close to the heart on occasion.

Peggy is also constantly vigilant about insuring frugal, wise, and efficient use of taxpayer dollars. This is a great trait in any elected official, and by keeping the taxpayer's perspective in front of us, Peggy has helped Butler County steer clear of extravagant, 'feel good' programs that divert us from delivering core services efficiently and effectively.

In addition, Peggy was instnunental in bringing about the formation of a County-wide Water Resources Committee in recent years to afford municipalities throughout the county a process to formulate approaches to the long-term use of our water resources. Although this committee is inactive at present, Peggy's work in this regard underscores her long-term, strategic vision, which complements her attention to issues of immediate concern.

One of the enduring legacies of Commissioner Palmer's tenure, and one which she initiated and saw through to implementation, is our current practice of beginning our Commission meetings with prayer. More than a mere gesture, this practice has enhanced the dignity of our deliberations, and has reminded us of our sacred trust and responsibility as public officials. Thank you, Peggy.

Finally, I want to speak to Peggy's life apart from her public duties. Peggy and Tom Palmer have raised a family of loving, caring,and successful children, including the owner of one of our County's successful independent businesses. In recent years, Peggy's family has suffered through a number oftragic events, enough to shake even the most stalwart to the core. Peggy and her family have shown us that an eternal perspective, transcending human experience and coming from Christ Himself, enable the triumph of faith, hope, and love.

Thank you, Peggy, for your loyal and faithful service. We may well see you again at
Commission meetings from time to time, advocating for one or another good cause - but, what else can we expect from a passionate, resilient lady like you! We all, commissioners and county staff alike, wish you, Tom, and your fam
ily the very best in the coming years."



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